This video is all about a blogger how to earn money from a blog on blogger is a
one time offer price form of ok Google ok you can use it on my WordPress also what is the best place for me you don't have to buy your own hosting you get your and free hosting from a Google but you need to use your own custom domain to get a Google AdSense approval after you get the Google AdSense approval you can earn money from Google AdSense by showing

advertisement on your website you have to do to get traffic to your blog Pages like privacy policy contact us about us and many other to show that the Google this is all visited website after in case of a Google is so that you are using a lizard website there is no more chance of a guitar Google AdSense approval to get a Google AdSense approval you need to write an article also if you don't have to copy all articles from website you will not get approved for Google AdSense

because they will be that will be not your original content if that is not kar original content and Google Voice to give you approval to get a Google AdSense approval you need to work hard and Google AdSense approval by writing article if you don't like to typing you just use of microphone and go on a dot your article by speaking ok you can write article by speaking you don't have to write also and you can get a Google

You have to use your own theme you should not use a blog nothing you can also use a blogger theme but used in blogger theme you will not get a Google AdSense approval is fixed ok whenever you use your own theme try to make a simple thing if you make a simple thing there is a lot of time to get Google AdSense approval

if y your team is happy and your website will be load delay than Google think that whenever
they give us the website will be more than low traffic will be stated on your website so you need them
to make your website faster you need to write at least 15 to 30 articles before something for a
Google AdSense and you need to submit your father Google search console to rank your website

After you submit to a Google search console that Google find that your website where to
rank your website and article after your website will be Lang article will rank you have to create a lot of
backlinks to rank your article targeted keyword ok after that you can get from a social media website

And you have you can promote your affiliate link also to earn more money ok on more money from
one program from that whenever you sell the product of another brand like MS Dhoni way you will
get a Commission ok you will get a percent of a Commission after you get a lot of commission then
you got will be a lot of by that you can buy on BMW your own house anything

and the Third way to earn money from a blogger is by a primary you can promote another brand
product like this brand is launching a new headphone after that you can ask from my money for their
ok I will promote their products they will give you a money there are these are the some