You get what you pay for”, right? If a product is cheap, then there’s no way it can also be good.

Well, it looks like Hostinger aims to change that. A super cheap host has several promises to deliver. That's the lightning-fast performance, strong security, and amazingly helpful customer support.

Through over 15 years of its existence, Hostinger has transformed into a company offering premium shared, cloud, and VPS hosting services.
Now it has 8 data centers and several hundred employees worldwide. Yet the pricing for shared hosting still remains at the bare minimum - the cheapest plan starts at $0.99/month ($0.80 if you catch the Black Friday deal).
We've put this all to the test to find out how good cheap hosting can really be in our Hostinger review.

Hostinger Pros

Starting with the good things, Hostinger has great performance, cheap pricing, and premium security features. It's also really easy to use and customer support is ready to help at all times.
Here are all the best features Hostinger provides to each of its customers.

1. Excellent Performance Results 

Current uptime: 100%
Current response time: 61ms
Last downtime: 7 months ago
Hostinger has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is a standard in the whole hosting industry. Such a guarantee allows hosts up to 1 minute and 26 seconds downtime each day.  
With that in mind, we've set up a monitor to test Hostinger's performance ourselves. And the long term results are even better than the promises.
During the month we've been monitoring Hostinger's performance, it has not gone down even for a minute. As you can see from the data, the uptime remained 100%.
The table at the beginning of this Hostinger review will also show you the live uptime updates.
Continuing with the performance results, the response time was also impressive. While regular hosting providers average somewhere at around 400 to 500ms with the industry average at 553ms, Hostinger did way better.
The cheap host balanced out at 288ms response time.
Hostinger's long term results don't fit into Google's recommended 200ms only by a fraction. And considering that the cheapest server was used for our testing with no performance boosters like CDN on, you can expect even better results after optimizing your site for speed.
The faster the better. Overall user experience is improved by faster response times. But the more tangible result could come from Google itself  The search engine says it will boost your rankings based on the fast server speed.
Hostinger is one of the fastest web hosting providers available. It has fast servers optimized for WordPress and an excellent reliability record. And while there a small space for improvement, Hostinger definitely offers one of the best values in terms of performance.

2. Hostinger Pricing 

Hostinger has 3 shared hosting plans starting at $0.99/month ($0.80 during Black Friday!) for the Single plan. For up to 100 websites it has the Premium plan for $2.59/mo. All the benefits and daily backups and are available with the Business plan for $4.09/mo. 
s you can see, Hostinger is probably the cheapest web hosting provider around.
But by any means that doesn't imply that Hostinger cannot offer premium services. It offers fast WordPress optimized servers, weekly backups, and top-level customer support. Here's what's included in each of the plans:
  • The Single plan for $0.99/mo includes 10GB of disk space and 100GB of bandwidth, 1 email account, and hosting for 1 site.
  • The Premium plan for $2.59/mo includes 20GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, hosting for up to 100 websites, and a domain name.
  • The Business plan for $4.09/mo includes 30GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, domain name, SSL certificate, and daily backups with the restore function.
Unfortunately, a domain name and an SSL are not included as a default with the Single plan. However, Hostinger constantly has a deal available to get either of them for free.
Also, Hostinger sells its own cheap domains starting at $0.99/year. 
There's only one catch. Hostinger has one thing in common with a lot of other hosts. To get the cheapest pricing, you need to sign up for longer periods. In Hostinger's case, it's at least 48 months. Fortunately, there's always some kind of discount going on or promo codes you can find.
There's only one catch. Hostinger has one thing in common with a lot of other hosts. To get the cheapest pricing, you need to sign up for longer periods. In Hostinger's case, it's at least 48 months. Fortunately, there's always some kind of discount going on or promo codes you can find.
Hostinger is probably the cheapest hosting provider offering premium features and excellent performance. The plans and pricing fits the needs of both individual and business users with multiple options to scale.

3. Top-notch Security Features 

With the Business plan, Hostinger includes all essential and premium security features. That's an SSL certificate, Cloudflare CDN, DDoS protection, and daily backups.

This way, you can trust even the most mission-critical data to Hostinger without the fear of it getting lost. This is essential not only for big business users but also for small website owners wanting to keep privacy.
The security features also make you way more trustworthy in the eyes of your visitors:
  •  SSL certificate will ensure visitors don't run away from your site screaming about the data that's not being encrypted. In fact, if you have an online store you'd struggle to make any transaction without an SSL. It's the key security feature ensuring your user sensitive information remains safe and private when traveling across different servers and the browser.
  • At the same time, Cloudflare CDN will make sure to keep your uptime 100% or as close to it as possible. This way you can remain available for your visitors at all times. It also protects you from DDoS attacks by creating a network of worldwide servers and masking your IP.
All of these features are included in the Business plan for $4.09/month. But you also add them to any of the plans.
For example, SSL will cost you $11.95 one-time fee (or you'll catch a deal and get it for free). For that, Hostinger will take care of SSL installation in under a minute. And if you've ever tried doing that yourself, you know how painful it can be.
Cloudflare, included in the Business plan, can also be bought separately. You would pay $9.95 for a lifetime subscription and Hostinger promises to take care of every back-end detail, including updates.
Although not automatically included with all plans, Hostinger has a lot of features to ensure security and privacy. Business users get a bunch of premium services included, while others can purchase them serparately.

4. User-friendly Platform 

Starting with the set-up process to actually building or migrating a website, Hostinger is easy to use. Once you sign up and confirm your email, all you'll need to do is follow the three-step process of setting up a website.
And if you already host a website elsewhere, Hostinger promises to transfer it for free. If not, you'll only need to order, set up a domain, and choose a way to build your website.
After the purchase, you'll also be able to use an intuitive and modern Hostinger's control panel. It features all the settings needed to manage your account - file manager, auto-installer scripts, database management, backup manager, and more.
verything is illustrated by large icons, so you won't get lost or need any technical skills to actually understand what's going on.
Another user-friendly feature we tested for this Hostinger review is its website builder. While setting up a website with WordPress may be easy as well, a website builder makes the process much faster. Especially if you don't have a lot of web development skills or time.
Hostinger features an intuitive drag-and-drop builder with dozens of responsive templates to choose from.So no matter your experience level, Hostinger has options to build a website for everyone. Beginners can start with a website builder while experienced users can use a control panel to manage advanced hosting settings.
Hostinger aims and succeeds to be a user-friendly platform. It features a simple set up process, intuitive and handy control panel, as well as a website builder for beginners.

5. Friendly and Helpful Tech Support 

Hostinger has 24/7 dedicated customer support in 20 languages for over 40 of its locales.
The Customer Success team promises response times to be lower than 2 minutes. Want to see how it went? Here's how our live chat went.
We were connected to the support agent instantly. And he was extremely friendly and well trained to help. He actually tried teaching us how to repair the database we accidentally broke.
But it gets better.
When we indicated that we are not really sure what are those things he's talking about, he just went in and fixed it himself. For a beginner web hosting user, such proactiveness is really great and helpful.

Hostinger support is doing a great job. They are pro-active, friendly, and effective. Not to mention fast. Best of all, you can reach the support 24/7 every single day.

6. One-click Installations 

Hostinger aims to make website hosting and building process as easy as this complicated work can be. From the control panel, you'll have the access to over 100 software auto-installs. Basically, you'll be able to click on your chosen software, and Hostinger will do the work.
There are auto-install scripts for WordPressJoomlaPrestaShop, and many others.
Hostinger goes beyond hosting. You can find even more one-click installations in the App Store.
There, you will find apps like G SuiteCloudflareVPNSEO tools, etc. Hostinger promises to introduce even more apps later
Hostinger has every tool and software to match even the most specific user needs. Best of all, you'll be able to install each app and software using a simple 1-click installation process.

Hostinger Cons

We've reviewed hundreds of hosts and not a single one was perfect.
Hostinger is no exception. Here are some of its problems.

1. No Phone Support 

Of all the things Hostinger has (knowledge base, live chat, email tickets), phone support is not one of them.
It does not seem to be a huge problem but some users might miss the service quite a lot.
So if you prefer phone support, Hostinger may not be the top choice.
Also, the lack of phone support can be a miss for beginners. Think of a stressful situation where something in a website breaks or some data is lost. Calm support agents are usually able to walk users through the needed processes to fix the issue.
Fortunately, live chat support is excellent and they often use gifs and images to illustrate any of the more difficult tasks.
All in all, you won't be left high and dry if anything happens.
Hostinger customer support is available 24/7 via live chat and email. Unfortunately, phone support is not available so it might be a miss for some of the users.

2. Custom Hosting Panel 

Hostinger plans do not include the classic cPanel interface. The company installed its own custom control panel to manage your hosting.
So in theory, some users might miss the good ol' cPanel.
After all, it's the most popular and extremely friendly control panel there is. It has probably every function there is, and there's an extensive tutorial for every step you can find. In other words, the cPanel community is huge.
On the other hand, we wouldn't say that during this Hostinger review we missed cPanel. The provider's control panel is not much worse. Or different, as a matter of fact. Here you can see the differences side by side.
It was created for a reason - the user interface was simplified and illustrated by big icons, yet functionality remained the same. Also, after cPanel increased its pricing, its difficult to keep hosting prices low and still offer the original software.
So, Hostinger's decision might not be too bad. Each of the support agents is well-trained to help you use the control panel. So basically, you have an expert team capable of solving any issue related to the custom control panel. While with cPanel, you have to trust the knowledge of unknown people and possibly outdated tutorials.
But if you are not a chatty person, an extensive knowledge base and tutorials are there as well, covering all topics related to the control panel.
Hostinger uses a custom control panel instead of an original and well-liked cPanel. For some users that's a big drawback, however, the provider's control panel seems to have the same functionality and intuitiveness.

3. No Unlimited Plans 

A while ago, Hostinger had unlimited plans - unlimited-unmetered bandwidth, unlimited storage, etc. Basically, a dream come true.
And this feature did look great. Especially with the cheap pricing.
As of a few weeks ago, the plans are gone. Now you get 10-30 GB storage space and 100 GB to unlimited bandwidth depending on your plan. 'That looks so not enough' - was our first thought.
But here's the deal:
With 10 GB of hosting you'd able to have from 5 to 10 big WordPress sites, complete with media libraries and multiple plugins. That's more than enough for most users! And it's available for just $0.99 a month. If you need more, there's a $4.09 plan, which can host up to 30 full-sized websites.
So, the plans are pretty generous. And yes, a lot of other providers actually offer "unlimited" resources to their users.
But how unlimited those unlimited plans actually are? Often, they're just as big as Hostinger's right here.
Just imagine this: if hosting plans were actually unlimited, Jeff Bezos could just buy one hosting plan for $2.15 a month, and move his entire infrastructure to one host, completely bankrupting it.
So yes, all of the hosting providers have their limits. Hostinger just makes them very clear.
Hostinger has removed the unlimited data from its plans and since then sticks to a stricter plan structure. While it may seem limiting, the provider shows you the clear guideliness of how much of the server resources you can have.

Hostinger Review - the Verdict

As far as our experience from this Hostinger review goes, the provider is great. The performance of the cheap host can compete with the industry giants. It's easy to use, customer support is excellent (although phone support is missing), and it's constantly improving.
However, there still are a couple of drawbacks Hostinger might want to improve. The lack of unlimited plans and a custom control panel can seem limiting to the more experienced users. At the same time, the provider aims to stay transparent and beginner-friendly.
Hostinger is very cheap, powerful, and secure option to start and grow your website. It has an intuitive control panel, great customer support, and scalability options for the future.

So when choosing a host, be it a cheap one or not so much, we would strongly consider Hostinger (and do watch Emit's video, he has even more insights).